About us

Platform of Women Entrepreneurs Regd. (POWER) is a not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organisation based in Udupi district. It is an association of women entrepreneurs, women in family business and aspiring women entrepreneurs.

11 members with support from Manipal Institute Of Management

Inauguration of POWER by Dr. Sandhya Pai

Our Vision

  • To unite women entrepreneurs, women in family business and aspiring women entrepreneurs
  • To inspire them and help them realize their dreams
  • To transform the role of women in business into a dynamic force.
  • Our Mission

  • To nurture their skills.
  • To provide a platform to showcase their products/services.
  • To provide support and guidance.
  • To provide leadership skills.
  • To promote entrepreneurship.
  • Awards

    Award by Indian Society of Periodontology

    Current Office Bearers


    Mrs. Pushpa G. Rao


    Ms. Thara Thimmaiah


    Mrs. Suvarsha Minj

    Joint Secretary

    Mrs. Savitha Prakash Tolar


    Mrs. Suguna Shankar Suvarna

    Board Members

    •   Ms. Renu Jayaram
    •   Ms. Sadhana Mallya
    •   Dr. Gayathri R.
    •   Mrs. Shruthi Shenoy
    •   Ms. Poonam Shetty
    •   Ms. Rashmi Bhat
    •   Ms. Shalini Bangera
    •   Ms. Niveditha Shetty

    JOURNEY OF POWER will continue to more exciting destinations, more workshops and meeting more women entrepreneurs of the region.


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    Entrepreneurship is an effective means to empower women, there is no denying this and it’s encouraging to note that women entrepreneurs are growing at a steady pace over the last few years. It would be ridiculous to let this 50% (women) of the population blessed with a natural talent for crisis management, communication and managerial skills go to waste.

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