POWER PARBA is a marketing festival conceptualized by team POWER which celebrates the spirit of women entrepreneurship; the word “Parba” in Tulu language meaning festival.

This mega marketing fair is conducted to help budding women entrepreneurs to showcase their products, services and talents to a wide audience. Who can participate?

  • Women who are running small home-based businesses in rural and urban areas.
  • Women who have established small and medium scale industries (MSMEs)
  • Women who want to scale up their enterprise and
  • Women who have converted their hobbies into a source of income

The main objectives of PARBA were:

  • To provide a platform for women entrepreneurs to display and sell and thereby promote their products.
  • To bring rural and urban women entrepreneurs under one umbrella.
  • To promote mutual learning, collective learning between the rural and urban entrepreneurs.
  • Create awareness amongst the local community about these women.
  • Disseminate marketing, management and technical knowledge.
  • To help women entrepreneurs develop contacts with buyers and networking.
  • Marketing of products and display of projects of MSME’s which are owned or co-owned by women.
  • Help in developing new markets and expand existing markets for these women.

The second edition of POWER Parba was held from 11th January 2018 to 14th January 2018 at Mahatma Gandhi Bayalu Rangamandira, Beedinagudde, Udupi.Over 200 women entrepreneurs from different parts of India participated and there was a footfall of around 10,000.There were 153 stalls ranging from homemade products, Arts, FMCG, electrical and electronic gadgets, MSMEs, organic foods, eco-friendly products and many more. There were product launches held, as well as entertainment and games for kids. Community outreach programmes were also organised – Free eye check-up, medical education and awareness, dental hygiene awareness and terracotta training programme.

E Power Parba

An online version of the POWER Parba was initiated during the COVID-19 Pandemic to encourage women to sell their products online and train them in the required skills. The online marketing fair was held on 7th and 8th of November, 2020. There were 71 online stalls put up at the online website It received 4305 unique visitors leading to sales amounting to Rs. 2,72,883.

POWER Parba - 2020


POWER Parba - 2018

POWER Parba - 2016

Felicitations and Honouring

Women achievers of Udupi district and who have done yeomen service to the people of Udupi dstrict were honoured and recognized

The Manipal Flea Market

POWER Summit

In order to encourage entrepreneurship among women, to harness their potential and enable their continued growth, it is necessary to formulate appropriate strategies to stimulate, support and sustain their efforts. The summit aims to bring together women leaders, entrepreneurs, academicians, government representatives and resource organisations, investors, executives , aspiring entrepreneurs and students and other stakeholders of women entrepreneurship. The summit intends to discuss and deliberate on the challenges confronting women entrepreneurs in the present business environment. The main objective of the summit is to POWER women entrepreneurs to make them better, bigger and bolder in their businesses.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To create a network among all stakeholders of entrepreneurship.
  • To assess factors favouring and hampering entrepreneurship.
  • To strengthen women entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • To provide mentoring.
  • To enhance contact with service providers.
  • To disseminate knowledge on financial services.

Business excellence awards: POWER business excellence awards seek to recognise and award women who have demonstrated a commitment to creating sustainable business through leadership and innovation. The categories of awards are: Family business leadership award, First generation business excellence award, Best start-up award and best social entrepreneur award.

POWER Summit - 2019

POWER Summit - 2017


It was on the 8th of March in the year 2009, when 11 enterprising women of Udupi district came together to form POWER. To mark this day and also to celebrate the International Women’s Day, Empower is organised- a programme that brings together women from all over the district to celebrate being a woman. It is also our endeavor during this programme to recognize and honour women in our society who normally remain obscure but have made significant contributions to the welfare of the society at large. The 9th edition of EmPOWER was graced by Prof. Shantha Sinha, eminent social activist, Ramon Magsasay award winner and Padmashri award winner.

EmPOWER 2020

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Entrepreneurship is an effective means to empower women, there is no denying this and it’s encouraging to note that women entrepreneurs are growing at a steady pace over the last few years. It would be ridiculous to let this 50% (women) of the population blessed with a natural talent for crisis management, communication and managerial skills go to waste.

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